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Are you looking for a bike that will satisfy the most sophisticated tastes of your child? Meet the KROSS Racer 5.0 – a children’s bike made for one purpose. That your child feels joy and satisfaction with every kilometer covered. Aesthetic design, large wheels and high-quality components are only some of the many advantages of this bike. Thanks to the KROSS Racer 5.0, the child will be able to cover even more kilometers than in the case of a cross-country bike or equipped with side wheels. Getting to know the world has never been so fun and easy.

KROSS Racer 5.0 has been equipped with everything your child needs. Thanks to numerous technological solutions, riding this children’s bike will be easier than ever.

The KROSS Racer 5.0 is equipped with lightweight 20-inch wheels which are also light thanks to the aluminum rim. The wheels are equipped with high-quality 1.95-inch tires, which will allow you to overcome not only city bike roads, but also sandy forest paths.

The KROSS Racer 5.0 children’s bike is equipped with a set of v-brake brakes offering high braking power, which will help your child stop whenever the situation requires it. The brakes are operated with the brake levers on the handlebars. So, when it’s time for a bigger bike, two brakes won’t be a problem for him anymore. And this will only pay off, because the child will be able to set off on more demanding terrain faster.

The frame and fork are made of high quality steel – thanks to this, the bike perfectly damps vibrations and improves comfort when driving on uneven surfaces. We have also equipped it with high-quality components that will surely appeal to your child.

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