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Following the adult KROSS Lea SR model, we created the KROSS Lea Junior 1.0 SR dedicated to the needs of little girls. It is a recreational mountain bike that will be perfect both for getting to school and during weekend family trips outside the city. KROSS Lea Junior 1.0 SR are adult technical solutions closed in a smaller frame, adapted to children’s height.

The KROSS Lea Junior 1.0 SR in 2021 is a continuation of the thought guiding us when designing previous generations of this bike. It is not only a new paintwork on the frame – we have added many small details that translate into the pleasure and comfort of driving.

KROSS Lea Junior 1.0 SR equipment is based on the concept of a single chainring crank and high-quality Suntour components. This allowed us to create a drive with an eight-row cassette that will allow the child to ride comfortably in any terrain. Is responsible for shifting the rear derailleur Sunrace RDXM41 operated by a remote control Sunrace DLM503. In the KROSS Lea Junior 1.0 SR, we have also fitted a KROSS suspension fork with 50 mm travel to increase the comfort of travel and to facilitate overcoming obstacles such as curbs or roots protruding on forest paths. KROSS Lea Junior 1.0 SR are 24 “wheels with Mitas V75 Scylla tires, 1.9″ wide.that will ensure predictable bike behavior both in the city and in the field. They are also v-brakes, ensuring safe braking and trouble-free operation.

The KROSS Lea Junior 1.0 SR frame is made of performance aluminum. It is a special 6061 performance aluminum alloy which makes the bike stiff and very durable. At the same time, it is a relatively light material that can surprise many cyclists with its properties. In addition, the frame is powder coated, which translates into durability of the painting and its resistance to mechanical damage. The low step of the frame allows for comfortable getting on and off the bike.

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