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Each of us went through a period of rebellion in childhood. Some more, some less. For those children who love the rebellious character and style, we have prepared KROSS Dust JR 1.0. The KROSS Dust JR 1.0  , like the model aimed at adults, specializes in delivering off-road driving fun. Because remember – what the shell will soak in when you are young … Also, the earlier you plant the branch on the KROSS Dust JR 1.0,  the more likely it is that it will fall in love with the path madness.

In 2021, KROSS Dust Junior 1.0 retained its character, inviting to trips and games in the field. However, we decided to refresh it in terms of hardware. Single-row drive, shock absorber and high-quality components. This is KROSS Dust Junior 1.0 in the version for 2021.

KROSS Dust JR 1.0 accessories  for 2021  are the best selection of components for a young person. That’s why we’ve equipped it with a single-row crank with eight gears at the rear. Shimano Altus M315 shifter mounted on the handlebar  is responsible for efficient operation of the rear derailleur. Shimano Tourney TX800 will provide quick gear changes. The KROSS Dust JR 1.0  is also a suspension fork designed by our team, featuring 50mm of travel. Thanks to this, it will help your child take the first steps while playing on forest paths. The KROSS Dust Junior 1.0 trail bike for children is equipped with high-quality 24-inch wheels with Mitas V75 Scylla  tires1.9 ”wide. They ensure great traction of the bike and grip in any terrain, regardless of weather conditions.

The frame of the KROSS Dust JR 1.0 is made of performance aluminum. It is a special 6061 performance aluminum alloy, which makes the bike stiff and durable. At the same time, it is a relatively light material that can surprise many cyclists with its properties. When designing it, we also kept in mind the needs of younger cyclists, so we slightly lowered the top tube to make it easier to get on and off the bike. Powder coating of the frame ensures durability of the varnish and its resistance to mechanical damage.

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