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Even a bike like our Kross Kido  is not enough for the youngest cyclists one day – this is the way of things. Therefore, when it is worth observing the development of your child and at the right time equip them with Kross Racer 4.0 –  our offer for young cyclists gaining their first bicycle experience .

Kross Racer 4.0 is a bicycle with a number of amenities for children who are just starting their cycling adventure. Stabilizing wheels? Are. Brake? Is. Steel frame ? It is too.

Kross Mini Racer 4.0  is an excellent design for the youngest in many respects. It has a light, aluminum frame. The equipment also includes  damage-resistant components  and wheels adapted to the growing child.

A balance bike  consists of smaller wheels that are adapted primarily for children learning to walk and run. Kross Racer 4.0  is equipped with 16 inch wheels  with wide tires. This makes it easier to overcome obstacles and various barriers, but also provides greater stability to the bicycle while riding. Especially when the parent decides to remove the side wheels.

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