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Recreational MTB bikes have always been very popular. That is why, when preparing for the e-revolution, we decided to create a bike that you will love from the first spin of the cranks. Kross Hexagon Boost 1.0  is a recreational e-bike  that will quickly and comfortably take you to your destination, and also help you overcome problematic climbs. We guarantee that when you get on it, you will never want to get off the saddle.

When designing the Kross Hexagon 1.0,  we focused on the engine mounted in the rear wheel. This allowed us to create a bike with a classic frame design, whose electric drive is revealed only by the external battery  mounted on the frame. The Bafang G120  is an efficient rear wheel hub motor with 32Nm of torque. The powerful 396 Wh battery is able to support the cyclist over a distance of up to 105 km. A comfortable shifter mounted on the handlebar helps to change the engine operation mode while riding without the need to sit on the bike and change the assist mode.

Kross Hexagon Boost 1.0 accessories  are Shimano components . They are characterized by high quality of workmanship and resistance to operation, which is extremely important in the case of e-bikes . It offers as many as 24 gears that will help you find your way in all conditions. Also included is the SR Suntour XCT30 HLO DS suspension fork with 100mm  of travel. A shock absorber lock lever is mounted on the steering wheel , thanks to which you can set it in one position and support your pedaling efficiency. The tires mounted on 29 ”wheels are Mitas Ocelot  , 2.1” wide. The bike has hydraulic disc brakes.

Performance aluminum frame. It is a special 6061 performance aluminum alloy,  which makes the bike stiff and resistant to damage. . At the same time, it is a relatively light material that can surprise many cyclists with its properties. In addition, the frame is a coated powder , which results in stability of coating and its resistance to damaging mechanical stress.


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