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Road bikes have evolved over the years. KROSS Vento DSC 5.0 is a natural step in this development. This is a completely new design in our portfolio, designed from start to finish with hydraulic disc brakes in mind. Regardless of your goal, our road bike will support you in achieving it. We created it so that each climb would be an extraordinary adventure for you, and the descent was fun without worrying about whether you would be able to brake before the next corner.

When we selected accessories and components included in the KROSS Vento DSC 5.0, we focused primarily on versatility and reliability. Therefore, the drive is proven and liked by most amateur Shimano 105 R7000 cyclists. Thanks to the redesigned rear derailleur using the Shadow system, it is better protected against damage in the event of a fall. In combination with the comfortable and intuitive to use Shimano 105 gear shifters, gear changes are quick and reliable. The KROSS Vento DSC 5.0 road bike also features hydraulic disc brakes. Thanks to Shimano 105 brake calipers and rotors cooperating with them, you will easily stop in all conditions. In addition, they will not damage expensive rims, so the wheels will always be in perfect condition with no signs of wear after long braking in the mountains.

To provide you with excellent driving benefits, we focused on high quality wheels from the Italian manufacturer – Vision Team 30 Disc. They are an excellent compromise between weight and aerodynamics supported by a rim height of 30 millimeters. The tires we put on the wheels are S praise Lugano K-Guard with a width of 28 millimeters. Thanks to a special, reinforced structure, they will provide you with excellent puncture resistance and grip when driving on wet surfaces.

The KROSS Vento DSC 5.0 frame is made of solid aluminum , which is the perfect combination of low weight and stiffness. At the same time, it is extremely resistant to damage. When it comes to painting, we focused on an extremely stylish combination of ruby ​​and black colors, which will surely appeal to everyone looking for a unique bike. When creating the new Vento, we focused on the most modern solutions – that’s why you will find in it rigid axles that will provide your wheels with unmatched stiffness and will avoid persistent rubbing of the brake linings on the disc.


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