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Kross Trans 2.0 is a tourist bike that combines features useful during trekking, recreational expeditions, as well as during everyday use. We have designed this model to be comfortable and offer rich factory equipment that enhances its functionality. Kross Trans 2.0 is a proposal for a comfortable trekking bike that will allow us to overcome longer routes, as well as stress-free daily ride to school and work. A large range of available sizes and variants for both men and women allow you to choose Krossa Trans 2.0 in a perfect configuration for each user.

Kross Trans 2.0 is available in both women’s and men’s versions. Both frame variants offer a very comfortable driving position. On this trekking bike we travel upright, we do not burden the forearms and the spine. A high driving position also improves road observation. Ride comfort is enhanced by equipment features such as a wide and soft saddle and front shock absorber that effectively absorbs vibrations that occur when driving on bumps.

Krossa Trans 2.0 drive is proven components selected to ensure durability, ease of use and low maintenance costs. The Shimano Altus rear derailleur drive precisely changes gears and also guarantees their wide range. This makes it easier to overcome long climbs, and at the same time means that Kross Trans 2.0 can develop high speeds on flat sections of the road. V-Brake brakes are light and easy to use, and at the same time their operating costs are at an unbeatably low level. The extensive standard equipment includes full mudguards, dynamo-powered lighting and durable boot.

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