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KROSS Trans 2.0 SR is a bicycle aimed at every person who likes to ride a bike and is looking for a comfortable machine for commuting to work or weekend trips. The frame with a lowered standover and a geometry specially developed for this bike provide incredible ride comfort. Thanks to the specially reinforced luggage carrier on the KROSS Trans 2.0 SR you can transport even heavy luggage. You won’t be afraid of the weather either, because our full fender system will protect your clothing from the mud gushing from under the tires.

In KROSS Trans 2.0 SR, we have installed V-brake brakes, which will provide you with great braking power on asphalt and on a forest path.  Mitas Gripper V 84 tires with a width of 42 millimeters allow it to be used in almost all weather conditions and long-term operation. In addition, it is equipped with a high-quality Sunrace drivetrain with as many as 21 gears. They will make it easier to overcome steep slopes and to develop high speed on flat sections of the road. The Sunrace RDM41 rear derailleur provides fast and precise shifting. The Sunrace DLM403 shifter is responsible for its correct operation, the work of which you will appreciate when the terrain you are driving on starts to climb up. One move and your chain is on the correct mode.

KROSS Trans 2.0 SR also includes high-quality components such as a steering wheel and seatpost. They were made of durable materials that will serve you for a very long time. The whole is complemented by lighting integrated with the bike, which informs others about your presence on the road and illuminates it when you come to ride after dark.

The KROSS Trans 2.0 SR frame is made of performance aluminum . It is a special 6061 performance aluminum alloy, which makes the bike stiff and break-resistant. At the same time, it is a relatively light material that can surprise many cyclists with its properties. In addition, the frame is powder coated, which translates into durability of painting and its resistance to mechanical damage.


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