Звучник Bluetooth 15" BT1501 Karaoke
      Звучник Bluetooth 15" BT1501 Karaoke

      Звучник Bluetooth 15" BT1501 Karaoke

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      ° TWS technology, connect two speakers at the same time and create surround sound.

      ° Music player via bluetooth, transfer and listen to music from your smartphone, tablet or computer (bluetooth compatible) wirelessly, with a range of up to 10m.

      ° Power of 30,000W P.M.P.O.

      ° USB port and TF Card.

      ° Auxiliary input 3.5 mm, listen to any audio player (with auxiliary input) through the speaker.

      ° FM radio.

      ° Input for wired microphone.

      ° Adjustment of bass, treble, echo, general volume and microphone.

      ° LED display.

      ° Rechargeable battery for portable use.

      ° RGB light, which lights up around the speaker.

      ° Use the speaker with the RGB lights on or off with the switch.

      independent ignition.

      ° Ideal for parties, karaoke and events.

      ° Includes: tripod and wired microphone.

      • Безбедно плаќање онлајн или при доставаБезбедно плаќање онлајн или при достава
      • Брза и сигурна испоракаБрза и сигурна испорака
      • Корисничка поддршкаКорисничка поддршка

      Electric specifications:

      100-240Vac 50/60Hz 30W

      Rechargeable Battery 7.4Vdc 1800mAh

      20 производи

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      Звучник Bluetooth 15" BT1501 Karaoke

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      Звучник Bluetooth 15" BT1501 Karaoke

      8.000 ден.
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